Graphic Design

I’ve always loved beautifully made advertisements and artistic branding. As media shifts towards visual content, I believe its important to understand and be able to create graphics as a communications professional. I’ve been lucky enough to learn all of adobe suite through the S.I. Newhouse School and I try to use my free time to further my creative abilities in the visual field.

30th Anniversary of Pan Am Flight 103

This logo was specifically designed for the symposium commemorating the 30th anniversary of Pan Am Flight 103. It is meant to use the signature rose and dove symbols of Remembrance Week for Pan Am 103 in a simple manner through a single line design. The circle was chosen to represent both the global nature of this anniversary and the connections between people the event has inspired. The rose, used in a rose laying ceremony honoring the victims, is placed on the left to signify the ‘look back’ portion of Remembrance’s mission, while the dove flies to the right as a symbol of the peace, understand, and love the victims inspired through the ‘act forward’ portion of the mission.

The design was used on programming for the symposium as well as the cover for the recordings made of the event, which was sponsored between Syracuse University London and the UK Government’s Scottish Office.


“Vincent” was a project in which I created a branding design for a dead famous figure. I chose Vincent Van Gogh as he is my favorite artist. I tried to keep the essence of his impressionistic style with uneven, messy strokes yet form it into a modern, minimalist brand that is recognizable and sleek. The design is tri-color, and purposefully places emphasis on ‘Vincent’ while obscuring ‘Van Gogh’ to portray his artistic presence as a regular person. I made this decision based on research into his letters and personal ideas of ‘art’.

Oh, Crop Infographic

“Oh, Crop” was designed for PRL 245 based on research surrounding infographics and strategic design. The goal was to illustrate basics and principles of strategic design in a simple, visual format that helped with the ease of understanding concepts that are not explained as well through writing only.

Oh Crop Infographic

Level Up Lives

‘Level Up Lives’ is a mock campaign I did based on Extra Life, a real-life organization through Children’s Hospital Miracle Network that raises money for children’s hospitals through gaming marathons. I chose to employ a retro style design based on Nintendo’s old NES packaging as a way to instill nostalgia for childhood in targeted adult audience groups.

Extra Life Campaign Poster Design 2.1

Game Club Design

As secretary and president of Gaming Club at Syracuse University, I have worked on creating and promoting a cohesive brand around campus. Currently, multiple posters are in the works to post around campus, the first of which is included here.