Graphic Design

I’ve always loved beautifully made advertisements and artistic branding. As media shifts towards visual content, I believe its important to understand and be able to create graphics as a communications professional. I’ve been lucky enough to learn all of adobe suite through the S.I. Newhouse School and I try to use my free time to further my creative abilities in the visual field.


“Indie;” was the magazine mock-up I made for my final in my Graphic Design class. I tried to invoke the whimsical and childlike style of both the artist and the indie genre, placing emphasis on her as a person through my portrayal.

indie final website


“Vincent” was a project in which I created a branding design for a dead famous figure. I chose Vincent Van Gogh as he is my favorite artist. I tried to keep the essence of his impressionistic style with uneven, messy strokes yet form it into a modern, minimalist brand that is recognizable and sleek. The design is tri-color, and purposefully places emphasis on ‘Vincent’ while obscuring ‘Van Gogh’ to portray his artistic presence as a regular person. I made this decision based on research into his letters and personal ideas of ‘art’.


Level Up Lives

‘Level Up Lives’ is a mock campaign I did based on Extra Life, a real-life organization through Children’s Hospital Miracle Network that raises money for children’s hospitals through gaming marathons. I chose to employ a retro style design based on Nintendo’s old NES packaging as a way to instill nostalgia for childhood in targeted adult audience groups.

Extra Life Campaign Poster Design 2.1


Game Club Design

As secretary and president of Gaming Club at Syracuse University, I have worked on creating and promoting a cohesive brand around campus. Currently, multiple posters are in the works to post around campus, the first of which is included here.

Game Club Poster 1.5sdf


Side Projects

I spend a lot of time playing around in Adobe Creative Suite, occasionally making fun gifts for friends or requests from family.

‘Wine & Cheese’ was a series I did for a group of my friends based on the ‘tag yourself’ memes you often see on Facebook.

Wine & Cheese