Personal Media


Look around,
Away from this screen,
See what needs doing

*you look around, survey the sheer tonnage of what needs doing*

Oh jeez that’s a lot
And it’s late
I got scared too
Let’s start with one thing &
Try again tomorrow?
Look around, look around...

Our national parks belong to every American. Trump is raiding funds meant to improve our cherished lands and wasting them on this ludicrous vanity parade.

The National Park Service is diverting $2.5 million, which is collected by entrance fees to pay for improvements at parks nationwide, to fund Trump's July 4 spectacle -- to which his political donors get VIP tickets, via @eilperin @jdawsey1 & @DanLamothe

I can’t keep listening to people blaming poverty and hunger on “personal choice.”

No child chooses to go hungry because she can’t afford a meal.

No one chooses to die because they can't afford insulin.

We need to stop blaming others for our broken system and start fixing it.

Cheers to all the 500 IQ psuedo scientists and Facebook moms out there that are working hard everyday to wipe out humanity!