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Patience, hard work, and ethics are the best things you can have in your career as a millennial according to the panel. Help create the workplace you want, but don’t be entitled to it. #PRogressSU #Newhouse

A day in a crisis is too long. Every brand should have a crisis plan in place. But the best crisis plan is to prevent it in the first place, proactive PR is the best PR, especially in issues of cultural insensitivities - Tom Armitage & @JeffKnauss #PRogressSU #Newhouse

People see through spin. Public consciousness is high about right vs. wrong, now brands need to own when something goes wrong or is bad. Ownership and transparency is key. - @JeffKnauss #ethicsinbusiness #PRogressSU #Newhouse

We communicate via social media, engage and people talk back. It’s a norm, a one-to-one conversation. If you sell products 24/7 you need people to respond 24/7 because people will ask questions 24/7 #PRogressSU #Newhouse

It may not be entitlement, but high expectation. When we suggest changes we expect they be implemented...We need to be tuned into what millenials are suggesting and act on it- Tom Armitage #PRogressSU