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The people who tell you we DO have war money but DON’T have healthcare money, tuition-free money, infrastructure money, or Green New Deal money are playing games with you.

College is a time for growth. Students have the right to be treated as adults who can make their own decisions and learn from them, not be forced into an experience that won’t allow them life lessons for adulthood such as how to handle a lease, house, groceries, etc.

Every SU student should be concerned about this. The financial burden and effect on the mental health and social lives of students this would have is unacceptable.

Look around,
Away from this screen,
See what needs doing

*you look around, survey the sheer tonnage of what needs doing*

Oh jeez that’s a lot
And it’s late
I got scared too
Let’s start with one thing &
Try again tomorrow?
Look around, look around...

Our national parks belong to every American. Trump is raiding funds meant to improve our cherished lands and wasting them on this ludicrous vanity parade.